Both home and business owners should pay close attention to security details when it comes to protecting the premise against crooks. Securing our home and commercial properties is highly crucial that's why we need to install panic bars for security purposes. Panic bars are supposed to be easy to operate on the inside while secure and reliable from the outside, making it hard for the burglars to enter. Doors with panic bars installed are impossible to open from outside. These are installed to guarantee your safety and protection. With panic bars installed, burglaries will find it hard to break in. Whilst vacating is made easy.

We can help you install the best panic or push bar in your commercial property. Panic bars are now required for business buildings for fire compliant policy, that is why lots of businesses are now consulting various locksmith companies on how they can have panic bars installed in their offices. With proper compliance with security and hazard codes, we'll make sure that our locksmith technicians will do a great job in panic bar installation.

We offer heavy-duty panic and exit hardware suitable for a variety of door applications. Whatever type of panic bar you prefer to be installed, we can deliver. You can just call us once and we are going to be there to always keep your workplace free from danger and guarded. We offer free estimates and we are always available to assist you twenty four hours a day.