Keep on losing your keys? Or you keep leaving them behind because you're forgetful? We have the solution. Locks without the need of keys to open is your best option. No more lost keys with these type of locks. In other keyless entry locks, there is an option where the lock can be opened by a proximity card, key fob, a fingerprint and other biometrics authentication or even remotely using a SmartPhone, tablet, or desktop PC.

Keyless Entry Locks work on both residential or commercial establishment, eliminating the need of a key for everyone to access the area. It is a safe type of lock as no one will be able to open a lock without authorization. With Keyless Entry Locks, there is no longer a need to worry in hiding keys outside the home, losing your keys, locking yourself out of your home and checking at night just to be sure all doors are locked.

A lot of shops may offer the same product but it is still best to get one from the experts in the field. When it comes to keyless entry lock needs, we are the fastest, and most reliable service available 24/7. We can supply and deliver a wide range of quality fingerprint door locks, keyless access digital keypad locks, advanced keyless systems, smart card access and key card locking systems.